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That 2manyDJ’s thing, part two

2015 January 5
by Kurt

Happy 2015! I have some more polaroids of that lovely evening back in 2014 in Barcelona. Come and have look…

First of all, amazing live set by Paranoid London. They had so much fun and rocked the hell out of that 303 and 808.




Erol. You can still count on him to make people dance. Even if the place is not packed. He does it every time.



Gucci Soundsystem (Riton and Ben Rymer). I didn’t know Ben before, but this guy has some stories to tell!


Tiga is the only person I know that can wear a big gold chain around his neck on stage and actually get away with it. Bugatti style.

Mezcal Circle Club. Need to try Mezcal next time.


Nancy Whang. Great lady, great set. And Steph.


Daniele Baldelli. This man is a legend.


I don’t think Mixhell have ever missed a Dewaele Christmas Party. Perhaps one or two very early on. Could be. Thank you Igor for not throwing a drum stick in my eye while being in front of your drum kit. That means something to me.


The nicest promoter I know. Knows his way around good food, coffee and tea like no one else.

The nicest management I know + one of the most committed street photographers I know. And also a great dj couple as Double Agent 7.

There were even backstage dj’s…

…that nearly lasted all night.

So there it was. My little peak in a great party!

Thanks again, David and Stephen for inviting me. See you soon…

And good luck on scoring Felix’ new film ‘Belgica’. And what are the odds? Take a good look at this poster.

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