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Razzmatazz – Lode2ManyDJ’s

2014 December 22
by Kurt

I love Razzmatazz. It’s one of the coolest venues I know. I also love Dave and Steph, aka 2ManyDJ’s, but on a completely different level. So it was very nice seeing them again over there after almost a year. The fun really started when they asked me to do a series of Polaroids. Well Instax would be more correct, but anyway, I will post some here. Most of them will be shown on their facebook page first, though: .

Apart from the visual quality of Polaroids (gotta love those deep reds), the thing that attracts me the most is the relationship you get with people. There is very little machinery between you and them. Also, you go for the kill. You only do one shot. Two in extreme cases. And the people you photograph know that. So they are less defensive. Imagine being an artist and having put a camera or cell phone in your face all the time. I understand them being annoyed sometimes.

Photography is not about taking pictures, it’s about taking pictures when they mean something to you.


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