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De Konektorkaart

2014 April 24
by Kurt

From the press release (translated):

De Konektorkaart, April 27, Lamot, Mechelen

City Artist Gijs Vanhee, Dikadoku and Samenlevingsopbouw Antwerpen Provincie created a virtual narrative map of Mechelen: ‘De Konektorkaart’. They collected 4 stories of people who migrated to Mechelen, resulting in both a documentary and a work of art in the window of an old shop.

The work of art ‘De Konektorkaart’ can be viewed from April 18 to May 14 in the former store “De Groene Hond”, Korenmarkt 7 Mechelen.
The documentary ‘De Konektorkaart’ will be screened on 27/04 at Heritage Day 2014, at 11 o’clock, 14h and 15h at Lamot Site, Zaal Herten Aas, Van Beethoven 8-10 (entrance Haverwerf), Mechelen.

I took care of one of the two camera’s and the light. Picture taken while setting up for the interview.

Watch the trailer here on vimeo:


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