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Despacio Hammersmith

2014 February 4
by Kurt

Despacio is probably the best party experience ever. It has me now very addicted to slowed down dance music. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the Hammersmith gig (December 2013). The first video teaser I made can be found here:

There is just another show announced at the Roundhouse (London). I hope to be there.

Back on the road

2013 August 18
by Kurt

A quick update: after a sabbatical six months, I’m back on track making videos and photographs. No long term plans, just having loads of fun for the moment.

(Picture: Lanzarote, already a while ago)

Wolves and Lambs

2013 March 4
by Kurt

I did some filming for the Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra. This is singer Gregor Engelen in his kitchen between two takes. Also, I should mention I am going to lay low for a while…

Some studio in London

2013 January 20
by Kurt

I don’t exactly remember the name of the studio, but I do know it’s Dave showing Mo and Oli from Ego Troopers all the cool synths that were crammed in there. I’m just using the picture to inform you that the Soulwaxmas aftermovie from London is finished and you can watch it here.

James Murphy / Soulwaxmas

2012 December 26
by Kurt

Soulwaxmas 2012 is over. As before I was there to document the madness. One of the people that I looked out to most was James Murphy. He was even  kind enough to step in front of the lens for thirty seconds between arriving at Brixton Academy and going on stage. I will post more pictures when I’m finished with the last video (London). You can already watch the videos from Manchester here and Paris here.

Een blad wit papier

2012 October 22
by Kurt

Closing time

2012 October 17
by Kurt

Tomorrow Viggo’s Coffee Bar will open for testing at the De Coninckplein in Antwerp. Time to go back to the last days of Zwart, a place that was very dear to me.

Well. The internet doesn’t really do the 4×5 inch negative much justice, so here is a crop of that picture showing Roeland:

And a picture of the always amazing Isabelle at the closing party:

If you feel like wandering through Zwart one more time, here is a link to the high res version of the first photo: (10mb). I admid not having busted every speck of dust.

On my way to Ghent

2012 October 13
by Kurt

(some time ago)

Digitalism playing at my house

2012 September 3
by Kurt

Okay, it’s just my dirty kitchen floor, but it does really resemble the beginning of the Digitalism video I recently did for “Falling”. You can check it out here: (where most people do) or here: (where you can see it really good). After being released as an official video -not the plan- the Belgian media picked up on it and a lot of people began sharing it… and it sort of exploded. I had no idea the video would touch so many people the way it did.  Perhaps because so many of them grew up with the footage I used (Tik Tak). I just thought it worked really well.

Two piles of dirt

2012 June 26
by Kurt

Road workers creating a metaphor for life in my neighbourhood. The colors don’t mix. At best, they just live happily next to each other.